Development, strategy and marketing studio for selected web3 companies.

MSV Studio is an initiative launched and backed by Morningstar Ventures.

Our team consists of industry veterans with years of experience, we are thus in a unique position and bring a vast range of resources

Our expertise

  1. Software Development

    Our developers can help you build web2 or web3 related products and features whilst supporting your project in either a part time or full time capacity.

  2. Web/UI/UX Design

    Our designers are well versed in the web3 space and can design products from scratch, re-design existing products or simply improve UI/UX features of given solutions.

  3. Marketing Services

    We are experts on all things marketing, growth, and user-acquisition in the web3 industry, and can hypercharge your project in all these areas like no other.

  4. Business Development

    After 5+ years in this industry, we know everyone you need to know, and can thereby facilitate connections as well as speed up deals and partnerships for your project.

  5. Strategy Consulting

    We know how to grow projects from A-Z, and can both support web2 companies entering the web3 space, as well as guide web3 companies during their journey.

Projects we have worked with

  • In STEPN, your steps are worth more than you think - exercising and moving outdoors can now earn anyone tokens anytime, anywhere.

  • Cross the Ages is a trading card game where players compete to capture more space than their opponent on the game board.

  • Fusionist is a scalable and sustainable Sci-Fi universe with a combination of sophisticated game design and deflationary token mechanics.

  • Ethernity is the first NFT marketplace that supports verified collectibles created by top music, film, sports, and entertainment celebrities.

  • One wallet for all your crypto. XDEFI Wallet allows users to securely store, swap, and send crypto and NFTs across 30 blockchains.

  • TOS is not a mainstream schooling experience that is simply online, it is a home education solution designed to make education fun and easy to access for your child.